Creating a Nonprofits Based Ecosystem

How to build an Ecosystem around a set group of grantseeking organizations

Building a Nonprofits-based ecosystem is NOT a way to find new nonprofits but a great way to compare nonprofits and discover new funders. Build a Nonprofit-based Ecosystem when you have a set group of nonprofits in mind and want to compare them or discover who their funders are. 

Step 1

Select Ecosystems from the top navigation bar, then select the Nonprofits option. An Ecosystem built around nonprofits will include the grantseeking organizations you choose and all of their funders. 

Step 2

Click inside the Nonprofits box to add the funding organizations you'd like included in your Ecosystem. Type into the box to look up the nonprofits by name or EIN.

If you've already created a List of nonprofits on Impala that you'd like to base on Ecosystem off of, see instructions here.

Step 3

Click the Advanced Criteria button to add any additional filters to your Ecosystem. You can exclude individual funders, or include/exclude certain profile attributes.

Step 4

You can preview the number of nonprofits and funders that will be in your ecosystem on the bottom blue bar. Once you are happy with all the criteria you set, you can view the full Ecosystem by selecting the gold Define Ecosystem button.


Your Ecosystem is now ready for you to dig into! If you want to change your filters, select Edit Filters from the top left. If you want to revisit this Ecosystem, select the save icon on the right, next to the New Ecosystem button.