Defining an Ecosystem from a List

If you have saved lists on Impala, you can define an ecosystem based on a list

Step 1

Go to your Lists section on Impala from the top navigation bar. Select the list you'd like to build an ecosystem around.

impala home_lists

On the left hand side of your list, select the Define Ecosystems button. 

list eco 2_edit

Step 2

Select the type of ecosystem you'd like to define based on the characteristics of your list.

For example, if your list includes funder prospects, you can define a Funders-based ecosystem which will show information about the funders in your list and all of their grantees.

If your list includes nonprofits that you're interested in comparing, you can define a Nonprofits-based ecosystem, which will show information about the nonprofits on the list and all of their funders.

Step 3

Your Ecosystem will be created directly from your list! To help better define your Ecosystem, select the Edit Filters button on the top left.

From there, click the Advanced Criteria button to add any additional filters to your Ecosystem. You can set specific geographies or causes the nonprofits need to be located/focused in, a minimum and/or maximum on the operating budget or assets of the nonprofits in the Ecosystem, or exclude grants received through Donor-Advised Funds (DAFs).

Funder Ecosystem 3-1


Your Ecosystem is now ready for you to dig into! If you want to change your filters further, select Edit Filters from the top left. If you want to revisit this Ecosystem, select the save icon on the right, next to the New Ecosystem button.

Funder Ecosystem 5