Ecosystems Overview

A breakdown of Impala's cutting edge sector research tool

What is Ecosystems?

Ecosystems is one of Impala's premium products, designed to help you to analyze any nonprofit sector anywhere in the US! By consolidating information from your designated landscape markers, nonprofit list, or funder list, Ecosystems translates raw data into highly detailed trends and comparisons to help minimize your effort and maximize your research.

Learn how to build your first Ecosystem here.


This is your Ecosystem, at a glance! View the big-picture numbers of both sides of your network in one place. Then click into one of the tabs on the left for direct data insights.


With comprehensive visualizations of funding trends and distinct data on individual funders and their grants, building a prospect or peer list has never been easier. 

  • Grant Distribution: see where grants in your network are going, with information on funders, grantees, grant amount, and years given.
  • Comparison: see how funders stack up. View direct data comparisons between funders in your ecosystem, including their total Ecosystem Focus, Time in Ecosystem, Grantee Reliance, and more.
  • Overlap: view matched sets of funders who have funded the same organizations, within the same years. See lists of their overlapping grantees and total combined funding.


Now take a look at the flip side of your sector, the Nonprofits. Identify growth trends of your defined Ecosystem, or compare individual organization data.

  • Comparison: see how an organization is doing in reference to its peers. Compare changes in Total Revenue, Expenses, and number of Funders.
  • Growth: prepare for the future by checking growth trends across your Ecosystem. See which organizations are growing the fastest in Operating Budgets, Staff size, and more across several years of data.


See where the funding in your Ecosystem is going. View the Top Cities and Top Causes receiving the most funding in your network. Or check out the Funding Distribution tab to identify how those funds are spread through your Ecosystem. Identify organizations on the tail end of funding, or those receiving the largest percentage.

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