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New Year, New Us! Chario rebrands to Impala
Jan 4, 2022 - 9 AM

New Year, New Us! Chario rebrands to Impala

We’re excited to announce that Chario has rebranded to Impala.

The change marks an exciting new chapter in the company’s growth. “Our goals have evolved and our brand needed to evolve with it,” said Impala CEO and Cofounder Shahar Brukner.

“Impala is building the modern digital infrastructure on which the nonprofit sector works - for today, and for the next generation of changemakers, and we needed a name and a brand that could grow with us.”

Impala represents our commitment to building nonprofit technology designed specifically for impact.

It also represents our commitment to building nonprofit technology that is both powerful, and agile. Technology that can just as nimbly empower a grantmaker to make more strategic funding decisions, as it can help a fundraiser better understand and leverage their network to find donors.

As part of this rebrand, the company has also adopted a new logo. COO and Cofounder Simon Dickson, who heads Impala’s marketing, said the Impala logo was designed to represent both what the company does, and what it believes in: “the animal’s movement, depicted mid-leap, evokes progress and growth. The constellation imagery represents the way our algorithm finds and builds connections between data, and relationships between people.”

The Impala logo is also composed of three separate triangles. These represent the three foundational parts of the nonprofit sector: (1) the nonprofit organizations who implement and run programs, (2) the individual stakeholders that these programs assist, and (3) the funders and grantmakers who support this important work. Each one plays a critical role, and all connected to and reliant on one another.

You can learn more about Impala by visiting the company’s new website URL www.impala.digital or schedule a demo to see Philanthropy Intelligence in action.